IT career opportunities promotion

Our team got the task to promote the new Cisco-oriented company Intracol in the IT community, starting with 2 job fairs in the largest tech universities in the country. The management embraced our idea of daring designs and bold humor which is closer to the audience than ‘classic marketing language for the target audience’.
We created T-shirts and laptop stickers with the following designs: ‘Does this code make me look fat?’; ‘I like my QAs as I like my whiskey – cold and bitter’; ‘Don’t forget yerr tags, landlubber!’; ‘Java bunny of death’; ‘Monthly Python’ (both Monthy Python ref); ‘Дреме ми на UI-a’; ‘Codealicious’ and ‘Code Senpai’. An Intracol merch-store is in the works as a continuation of our campaign.

Creative: Stefan Stoilov
Design: Darina Stoyanova
Production: Militsa Chervenkova

Year 2015